About Us

Scott Ferguson, CLTC


 Being a military Veteran of nearly 5 years and a DAV Life Member (Disabled American Veterans), Scott quickly discovered that there are very few, if any people, out there to help others understand how to navigate their way through the massive and complicated information on Government Benefits for civilians and for Veterans. 

Scott has since dedicated himself to helping others understand how to make the right decisions concerning Government entitlement programs such as Social Security, Medicare, VA Benefits and Medicaid.

With specialized training as a “Federal Benefits Counselor” and also being “Certified in Long Term Care”, Scott's education and experience has helped hundreds of people make informed, intelligent decisions with their financial affairs BEFORE applying for these benefits.

Scott is also trained to help you understand Planning concerns in the areas of Long Term Care, Wealth Distribution, Final Expenses and Legacy Planning. His goal is to “Make Life Better” for his clients and to do so in the most efficient manner possible. 

Remember, making the proper choices to maximize your Government Benefits will increase your income for the rest of your life!

Specializing in Government Benefits from:

  • Social Security Administration – Answering questions for retirees transitioning their INCOME from the workforce. Transitioning retirees can get their own personalized evaluation and we will determine their best combination of elections for maximum payout during the years that they will collect Social Security Payments.
  • Medicare  – Helping seniors understand why they may be paying too high of a co-pay or deductible for MEDICAL INSURANCE or “Medi-Gap” coverage. I explain to seniors the unknowns of Medicare Parts A, B, C & D.  I’ll review their options & provide best case alternatives to fill gaps in coverage based on their Health, Finances, Personal needs & Insurability.
  • Medicaid  – For our partnering Health Care Communities (Hospitals, SNF’s & Rehabs), we offer our “Easy MedicAid Apps” program,      reducing the time & effort they have in dealing with the families & processing Medicaid applications for approval. We specialize in planning for seniors needing asset preservation such as married couples where one spouse needs Medicaid to pay for a high level of care while      preserving assets for a well spouse living at home. These are Fee Based Services for processing Medicaid applications in PA & New Jersey. In short, “WE REDUCE YOUR LOSSES FROM PENDING MEDICAID” by taking the burden off the family and providing shorter approval times. Offered to Civilians and Veterans alike.  Discounted fees to Vets, their families & Health Care corporations
  • The Department of Veterans Affairs – Planning for older retirees needing funds from the VA for Healthcare.  Making the Government’s most complicated task quite simple. I learned many years ago when applying for my own benefits that the VA does not tell you what you need or what is missing. They leave it for you to find out on your own.  The right wording on the right forms by the right people to get them to the right place. . . that’s how we’ve gotten over $60 Million in benefits approved for deserving Vets & their widows. 
  • Long Term Care Options – From a crisis in immediate need to Pre-Planning for the recently retired adult children. Planning for Long Term Care is a daunting task to be approached from the individual’s immediate and future needs.

We’ve streamlined the process for Government benefits and take out the hardship of dealing with families and Benefits Processors so Families can “REDUCE Their Worries, INCREASE Their Income And PROVIDE SUPPORT TO THEIR LOVED ONES”.